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HCS Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

COVID-19Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response: As essential providers of health services, Healthcare Solutions has experienced no interruptions to the continuity of care of our customers. We remain committed to protecting the safety of our customers, our caregivers and family or friends who may be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Healthcare Solutions’ caregivers are provided with necessary personal protective equipment (PPE); such as masks, gloves and sanitizing wipes to help reduce the chances of viral transmission.  Every caregiver is charged with observing proper social distancing guidelines both on-duty and off. Also, caregivers are monitored throughout the day for any signs of infection.

Due to the seriousness of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and quarantine restrictions, Healthcare Solutions is not taking any customers that have been diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus. As always, we are dedicated to the health and safety of our customers, caregivers and staff. We are here to help and will continue to do so throughout the pandemic. Please contact our office with any questions or if you would like to schedule care, (866) 491-4274.



Healthcare Solutions’ Management and Staff

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