“Early in the year 2015 after having had major surgery, my husband was moved to a skilled nursing facility and also given physical therapy. When he was transferred to this facility I hired a firm that would furnish me with aids to be with him. After a week or so I came into his room to find two aids verbally fighting as to who was assigned to be with him. I found this completely unacceptable and I fired the firm. When asked at skilled nursing who they would recommend, HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS was the one to furnish competent aids. I called and was connected with Kevin Crane and he immediately came to discuss what Healthcare Solutions could do for me. Since I hired this firm I have had wonderful aids taking of my husband, at first for 24/7 and then gradually decreasing the hours as my husband became stronger. With the exception of maybe one or two aids that we did not like we have been very pleased with the people Healthcare Solutions had provided. I would not think of changing Healthcare Solutions for another provider of qualified aids. Not only has Kevin obliged us due to changes in our needs for coverage he has become a good friend. Since we have become older, we again, need to increase the coverage for my husband and Healthcare Solutions is looking for the right person to fulfill our current needs. I highly recommend Healthcare Solutions to anyone needing help in caring for a loved one.”