Living with Dementia

Dementia is difficult for everyone. The person suffering with it. The family members who become caregivers.
And even for healthcare providers who do not always have solutions to the many disconcerting situations this disease creates for patients and their families.

Aging In Place At Home

As we grow older and our physical abilities change, our living spaces sometimes need modifications to help us function, prevent falls and stay independent so we can “age in place” in our homes.
Through a design approach called Universal Design, or UD, we can make our homes more accessible, operational and safer.

Evaluating When to Get Help

Evaluating When To Get Help

Determining exactly when loved ones need help at home can be challenging but the answer for the most part is right in front of your eyes.
Here are some questions to ask with regards to how your loved ones look, the upkeep of their homes and their driving abilities:

Fall-proofing for older adults

Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

Today, Americans are living longer while staying active and healthy. But adults 65 and older are at risk for falls, which can signal the beginning of the end of that active life – and their independence. Injuries from falls can lead to limited activity, reduced mobility, loss of fitness and a fear of falling, all of which increase risk of additional injury.